Final Demonstration by Pre Primary

The final demonstration for the Preprimary started on February 17, 2023 as the little ones of the Upper Kindergarten gathered in the school auditorium to showcase all the skills that they had acquired during this academic session. The activities included slides for reading sentences, question answer session for testing soft skills, flash cards for describing words, backward counting on flannel board, EVS slides, fun shopping session along with English and Hindi recitation. A variety of songs added to the fun. The demonstration was conducted by the Upper KG teachers- Mrs.Shilpi Sehgal, Mrs.Bhargavi Thakur and Mrs.Vineeta Kaul. Mrs.Meenu Palta provided music and rhythm to the demonstration. The School Manager as well as the Pre-primary in charge Sister Sumita was also present to see the outcome of the hard work put in throughout the year by her staff.

The LKG demonstration was held on February 22, 2023, it began with a Bhajan and a soulful prayer by the tiny tots. Next was a welcome song for the parents followed by the demonstration of floor discs from 1 to 20, aerobics and relaxation exercises. The little ones presented jingles in English and Hindi, impressing everyone with their expression. Their quick response to questions on action words was commendable. They showcased their linguistic skills by reading out sentences in English and recognition of letters in Hindi. Their knowledge on fruits and vegetables was highlighted through a staged shopping trip, much to the joy of the onlookers. The school principal, Sister Supreeta, addressed the gathering and appreciated the efforts of both the students and the teachers and the co-staff. The School Manager Sister Sumita gave some valuable tips to the parents.

The first demonstration for Nursery took place on February 23, 2023 in which children successfully showcased the concepts in action according to the methodology developed by Sister Hycinthia, a member of the Carmel community. They performed on floor discs, cymbals, opposites, listening comprehension, social graces and courtesies, general knowledge and blowing the balloon activities. To instill right eating habits, food was displayed like a supermarket and the little ones were asked to identify and sort fruits and vegetables. Following the completion of the demonstration, parents were invited to join in a fun dancing activity. The kids enjoyed themselves and the parents were very happy with the performances. The principal, Sister Supreeta and the School Manager and Pre-primary in charge, Sister Sumita were there to encourage the little ones. Sister Sumita concluded the morning by providing invaluable tips to parents on how to engage with their children.

The parents were invited to be part of the momentous milestone for all three levels (UKG, LKG and Nursery) and they were extremely happy to see the progress of their little ones!