Anti-Tobacco Day

Anti-Tobacco Day was observed on May 30, 2021, at 11am, via a zoom meeting. Programme Officer Ms Preeti Swami, the NSS cabinet and Bapudham colony students were present for this.

NSS President, Bani Bakshi, welcomed all the family members of Bapudham Colony students to celebrate Anti-Tobacco Day. A presentation regarding the importance of saying no to tobacco was shown to the children by NSS cabinet member Riya Sekhon. An online competition was organised for the families of Bapudham where the children had to tell us ways to quit tobacco. The responses were overwhelming. The families wholeheartedly participated in the activities. The winners were awarded cash prizes which will be sent through Paytm. In the end an anti-tobacco pledge was taken by Simran of Bapudham Colony, which motivated them to say no to tobacco.