Webinar on Scholarships for Class XI and XII Students

A webinar was organised on May 8, 2021, for students of classes XI and XII, on the topics ‘Scholarships in India and Abroad’ and ‘How to Enhance your CV’
It was a comprehensive workshop for understanding various scholarship options in India and Abroad. Additionally, activities were discussed that can be mostly completed from home by students and can result in preparing them as better and stronger  applicants for universities that provide admission through profile evaluation. They were also given guidance to help them in enhancing their CV.
The prescribed activities will help students showcase various aspects like-
1. Subject Interest
2. Collaborative spirit
3. Leadership Skills
4. Initiative taking capacity
5. Commitment towards societal development
6. development of Wow factor
The speaker, Mr Ritesh Jain, from Pratham Institute, is a university admission strategist with almost 15 years experience in following the intricacies of admission processes worldwide and in India.