Book Release by Carmelites

Shreya Jain and Sanaya Aggarwal, Class XII, put the lockdown to good use and published a book on the thoughts of the current generation on historical figures, their ideas and actions.

This book — ‘Unlocking Minds COVID-19’— is special as the subject is fresh and innovative. The contributors have written letters to historical figures. The purpose behind these letters was to teach the young— the Millennials as well as the Gen Z — to analyse and question the actions of past leaders. Each letter is a treat to read and is a reminder to leaders that they should tread with care as public memory is not short.

In these unprecedented times, interviews of COVID warriors and experiences of people have also been included so as to motivate and inspire people. It is a proud moment for the school as two of our students – Shreya Jain and Sanaya Aggarwal of class 12 are the Content Coordinators for the book. Further, it also includes an interview of our Covid warrior – Ma’am Preeti Swami (NSS Programme Officer ) whose indomitable spirit has helped the society at large in these testing times . Other Carmelites have also contributed to this great endeavour.