Mother Veronica’s Birth Anniversary

To commemorate the Birth Anniversary of our Foundress Mother Veronica, various activities were organized for all classes from 1 to 5.  This is a momentous occasion for all young Carmelites, which is dedicated to honouring our Venerable Mother Veronica and instilling the values and teachings of the Mother of Carmel.  The following activities were conducted for the students of various classes to celebrate this auspicious day. All the students participated in these activities with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Class 1 – Virtue Tree

Young Carmelites of Class 1 made impressive and beautiful virtue trees on A4 size sheets. They drew, coloured and wrote down virtues that they admired from the life of Mother Veronica. The moral values and teachings of Mother veronica were beautifully illustrated by students through their colourful drawings.

Class 2 – Badge Making

Students of class 2 made beautiful, colourful badges with virtues inspired by Mother Veronica. The teachers spoke about these values and motivated the children to imbibe these in their day-to-day life.

Class 3 – Slogan/ Quotes writing

Students of class 3 wrote inspiring quotes and slogans that personified our Foundress, Mother Veronica. They wrote them in beautiful handwriting and decorated their work using their creative talent.

Class 4 & 5 – Creative writing

Class 4 & 5 students were encouraged to write paragraphs on the following topic.  “A virtue of Mother Veronica that I admire and would like to emulate in my life.“  Students expressed their ideas in the most creative manner. This enabled them to understand the significance of the day as well as take learnings from her virtuous and inspirational life journey.

A presentation made on the life of Mother Veronica was also shared with the students on the online platform to apprise them of her exemplary life.

A special online assembly was organised by the class teachers in their respective classes.  It comprised of a special prayer service followed by hymns, poems, writeups and motivational speeches related to Mother Veronica’s life.  Students actively participated in the class assembly and made it an enriching and a memorable experience for all.