Cadet Talk at Chandigarh Naval Wing

A series of innovative talks inaugurated at Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh called the “cadet talk” was held on the topic “handling peer pressure”. The second episode was about one of the most priceless bonds in this world-
“relationship with parents”.

This took place on the 1st of September, 2021 at the Naval Unit, NCC Complex, Sector 31D, Chandigarh. Various schools and colleges including St Kabir Public School, Government High School Sector 20 and GGS Sector 26 also
accompanied for this ted-talk event.
Commanding officer,NCC NAVAL WING Capt Vijay Chikaara , ANO’S and Caretaker Officers from different schools and colleges were also a part of this programme. Cadets from each institution shared a stage where-in they
opened their hearts and expressed their thoughts about their relationship with their parents.
Two Cadets from Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh- Cadet Esha Verma and Cadet Hazel Arora along with a few more school cadets also presented their honest experiences regarding the same.  The Carmel cadets were led by Care Taker Officer; Ma’am Preeti Swami. The programme was a huge learning experience for everyone.