NEP Workshop Conducted for Parents

An online session for parents of Classes VI-XI was conducted on February 20, 2021 in order to familiarise them with the salient features of the National Educational Policy 2020. This session was conducted by the class teachers, and of particular importance was the information regarding the ‘no bag day’ that would be held once a week in the upcoming session. Parents were informed that this day would be used to conduct activity-based learning.
Parents were educated on the difference between no-bag day (activity-based learning) and bagless days, which would involve a 10-day internship with an artisan/ expert for vocational training.
Parents were also informed that all exams would now include CCT pattern questions. They were encouraged to make the children practice using the Parent’s Primer, and were instructed on how to use the Primer. Further they were asked to inform the class teacher about their willingness to serve as a resource person for internships.