Kids Helping Kids

Kids helping kids 2
‘Kids Helping Kids’, was launched on April 19, 2018. This Project is a collaborative effort between The Little Hands Foundation, New York City, and Class X students of Carmel Convent School, Sector 9-B. Ms Sneha Nair, the project in-charge, is an alumni of Carmel Convent.
Kids helping kids 3
Under this project 22 students from the Carmel Evening Classes are being taught by students from New York. The teaching is done through Skype video-conferencing on every Thursday from 3-5 pm. Class X students, by rotation, coordinate with and help the New York students.
Kids helping kids
This project seeks an exchange of information and knowledge between the two countries, where the Carmel Evening Class students will learn English and other Life skills, while the New York students will learn Hindi, about Indian culture, and about our Gods and Goddesses. Students were taught how to introduce themselves in English through a PPT presentation.