Children’s Day Celebrations

There’s something special about children–it is they who make a house a home, a couple parents, an institution a school, and most definitely an individual a teacher. To celebrate this unique relationship the staff of Carmel Convent School got together to plan a surprise for their beloved students on Children’s Day.

While they missed the physical presence of the children, and yearned to hear the laughter in the sad, empty corridors, the teachers brought out the child within themselves to present a song and dance celebration of childhood.

The programme started with a short prayer session led by Sr Supreeta, followed by a song by the entire High School Staff. A short humorous Punjabi play and a ‘garba’ performance followed. A wonderful song celebrating Children’s Day by the Sisters brought the short online performance to an end.

Like every other landmark moment this year, this day too ended with the prayer that the Covid virus would be defeated soon, and normal life restored.