Eco Club Events for May 2023

Eco Club Cabinet 2023-24 

On May 4, 2023, the Eco club cabinet was appointed for the session 2023-24 and five girls from each section of class IX were selected as members. Sister Supreeta encouraged them to work wholeheartedly and selflessly to contribute to the projects taken up by the Carmel Eco Club. Ma’am Atula, Ma’am Reetu Sethi, Ma’am Preety Jolly and Ma’am Nidhi Khurana, teachers of the Eco Club, also motivated the children to put in their best efforts in safeguarding our environment.

Butterfly Garden Inaugurated

Another feature was added to the Carmel Gardens on May 18, 2023, when Sister Supreeta and Mr. Pramod inaugurated the butterfly park. This beautiful space contains information about various butterflies in Chandigarh and their host plants. A small board also depicts the lifecycle of a butterfly. The Eco Club members curated this feature to create awareness among the students about butterflies and their contribution to the environment.