An EVS competition was held on the topic Immunity boosting foods. Class III and IV made posters on the topic while class V made a PPT on the same topic. Each and every child participated in the first round. In the second round winners were selected between classes from amongst the top entries from each class. During the Covid times this activity not only brought about awareness regarding foods that protect us against viruses and bacteria but also led to peer group learning, team work and art integration.

Class III

1st prize – Aatiya Mehndiratta 3B and Jasjotkaur Luthra 3B
2nd prize – Ramneek Kaur Pannu 3C
3rd prize – Aaliya Jain 3A
Gauri Lakhanpal 3B
Ashviqka Walia 3C

Class IV

1st prize – Gaurika Walia – 4C
2nd prize – Akshadha Ghosh  – 4B
3rd prize – Karoline – 4C
Mehar Pupneja – 4A
Angel Chopra – 4A

Class V

1st prize

  1. Sejal Garg
  2. Satnam Brar
  3. Ridhima Saini
  4. Sehajpreet Kaur

2nd prize

  1. Shivasi Vashisht
  2. Manya Bansal
  3. Shriya Gupta
  4. Simran

3rd prize

  1. Osheen
  2. Manya Garg
  3. Gurmehar Dhaliwal
  4. Aanandini


  1. Aasees Bimbraw
  2. Yashvi
  3. Mehta
  4. Chandana Gupta
  5. Vatsala Ray


  1. Rahat Khanna
  2. Bhuvi Katia
  3. Sweta Tigga
  4. Saanvi Garg