International Yoga Day

Carmelites celebrated International Yoga Day which is celebrated on June 21 every year, with enthusiasm.

Students of classes III-V performed different yoga asanas followed by meditation. A discussion was held on the benefits of yoga and how we can incorporate it into our daily routines. Students were encouraged to practise yoga 20 minutes a day.

The session was followed by a talk on how Yoga can connect body, mind and soul to attain peace of mind and increase optimism level of a being. Students were also informed how yoga can enhance physical health and work towards curing various ailments and chronic pains. They were shown how yoga strengthens and stabilizes the spine, relieving back pain, stress, anxiety and tension. Student shared their experiences on how yoga helps in relaxing mind and body. Children showed full enthusiasm and passion in performing the asanas.

Various activities were conducted for the High School students as well, to celebrate International Yoga Day:

Class VI: Making Clay models of Yoga poses

Class VII and VIII: Mass Surya Namaskar and Human Pyramid

Class IX: Slogan Writing on Yoga

Class X: Poster Making