‘Jhalak Zindagi Ka’, Human Library Meet

The second addition of the Human library, named ‘Jhalak Zindagi Ka’was held on the 17th of July, 2021. Patrol leader No. 2, Riya Mahajan, recited a poem and NSS volunteer Alisha gave a brief introduction.
Students were then put into breakout rooms, where each room had one grandparent sharing their experience and answering the questions put up by the NSS volunteers. The grandparents present were ma’am Madhu Bala Kakar, ma’am Darshana Rani, sir Dewand Chand, ma’am Sateshwary Rana and ma’am Kartari Devi.
Each grandparent was assigned one NSS volunteer who would ask the questions. Questions about their childhood, the most enjoyable stage of their life, their opinions on the lifestyle of the current generation and whether or not GenZ is enjoying life.
The grandparents’ way of thinking and the wisdom they gave with every question gave the students a different perspective to life. One grandparent’s suggestion to “Live a simple life and not focus too much on the past” have the students much good for thought. A question was asked whether the current way of living is good or were their times better, and most grandparents were of the opinion that there were a lot of tough times in the past, especially for women, but they all learned from those events and moved forward hoping for a better world.
A good scolding given by the grandparents for all the volunteers about not eating healthy and always relying on junk was much appreciated. In the end grandparents were asked to summarise their life in a few words, and answers like “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam” really added some laughter to the session. A vote of thanks was given by volunteer Ananya but words felt inadequate compared to the knowledge and wisdom that had been imparted. “Grandparents are one of the greatest gifts your heart will ever know” and the students were highly appreciative of their presence and the time they took out to be with them.